Using Social Media to Tell Your Story

So…what’s your story?

Who doesn’t love a great story? Storytelling has been a part of our lives since the evolution of man. Drawings on cave walls depicting the hunt. Moving through time to become verbal stories handed down from generation to generation. Scary stories around the campfire. Igniting your imagination with colorful, visual images that evoke all kinds of emotions. Joy, triumph, sadness, fear. Have you told your story?


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The Importance of Reviews

Social media has raised the bar when it comes to customer service. Thanks to Twitter and Facebook a customer can reach out and express their happiness or displeasure to a company immediately and reach a broad audience. As we all know, bad news and reviews spread like wild fire and great service is just expected. Urging your customers and clients to write reviews when they are happy with your product or service should be part of your business strategy. 

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