It’s a Scary Online World Out There. Can You Protect Yourself Emotionally?

Today I am getting personal with my blog. 

It’s been a rough 2020. I usually don’t share personal stuff here but with these difficult times dealing with a stay at home order, a pandemic and everything else that happens on a day to day basis, I wrote a guest blog for the Healing Center that I have been lucky to work with. This is my story on how they have helped me. I hope tht if you need help, this blog will let you know that you are not alone and that there is a way to heal. 

On December 31st at 6:30am I was jolted awake by my longtime boyfriend having a massive heart attack. He had passed away and my life changed in the blink of an eye. Dealing with grief is a horrible thing. My heart was broken. He was my best friend.

I do occasionally suffer from anxiety and depression so I knew that I had to take control of my emotions quickly or I would be doomed. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. Of course, I had to share the news with family and friends because they had to know, and of course because they care.

So, in order to reach everyone, I posted on Facebook. I have such wonderful friends. They were there for me with their encouraging words. There were also those who I haven’t really connected with in a long time, but they were right there messaging me asking what happened, how it happened etc. which would traumatize me as well as anger me. Using social media and having my friends touch base with me to make sure I was ok and taking care of myself through the whole ordeal was the basic contact I needed.

But…I was still alone.

Crying. Sinking lower into the chasm of despair.

Through it all, I had to keep up with my business. As a social media manager, I had to be on top of things every day for my clients. It was a good distraction for the most part but I was grieving, stressed, anxious and reliving the horror.

Thank goodness for the Tree of Health Center! I started having Reiki sessions with Linda. I attended their once a month Reiki clinic and had great sessions with everyone there. Linda also started doing CranioSacral Therapy (CST) on me. Debra and I worked together using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or tapping) and Be Set Fast Free Set (BSFF) to help me release the pent-up emotions and trauma.

I was amazed how well all these different modalities have helped me.


When I felt sadness, anxiety or a full out bawling session coming on, I would begin to tap. It would calm me down and make me feel better. It has helped me focus more on the good memories, the love, the laughter and our life together. I can tap at home, in the car, at my desk, just about anywhere which is fantastic because you never know when something will trigger you.

Finally feeling like I am on a good path along comes the Coronavirus. Now we are stuck at home bombarded with all the news on the TV, multiple posts on Facebook about how many have caught COVID-19, how many have died, what we should be doing/not doing, fake news, true news, traumatic news. For people like me who are now alone it is very isolating, depressing and stressful.

How about you?

Are you feeling that way too?

The good thing is that Reiki, CST, EFT and BFFS can all be done remotely. I have sessions once a week to keep myself centered and calm. After each session I feel so much better.

Along with my sessions, I am limiting my time on social media, doing my work skimming past the horrible stuff and focusing on the inspirational and funny. I avoid TV news all together. Find your ONE reliable and truthful source for news surrounding COVID-19 and ONLY look at that.

Drink lots of water to rid your body of toxins. Get up and move. Find three things you are grateful for every day and contact the wonderful people at TTOHC and schedule a long-distance healing appointment today.

Oh yeah, Wash Your Hands!!


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