The Importance of Reviews

Social media has raised the bar when it comes to customer service. Thanks to Twitter and Facebook a customer can reach out and express their happiness or displeasure to a company immediately and reach a broad audience. As we all know, bad news and reviews spread like wild fire and great service is just expected. Urging your customers and clients to write reviews when they are happy with your product or service should be part of your business strategy.

Recently Facebook has made a change to their notifications. When someone write a review for a page you follow, you will be notified. This is fantastic because it is your customers who are helping you stay in front of your client base and followers. The less promotion you do for your own company the better. People will listen to their friends and family’s opinions and recommendations over a commercial or ad generated by the business every time.

So, how do you get your customers and clients to write a review and where should they be posted? Here are some suggestions to get you glowing reviews.

1. The top places for you to garner reviews are: Google – Facebook – Yelp
These are the top three that most people use and frequent when searching for information. Of course, with these sites you need to have your business claimed. For Google, search for Google My Business and claim your business listing. Facebook, you need to have a business page set up and with Yelp you must also claim your business listing. Update all the information about your business on each of them. Also, be sure to constantly monitor these sites so you can manage your online reputation.

2. Now, it is up to you to encourage your clients and customers to write a great review when they are happy with the services you provided. If you are in contact with them either in person or over the phone, ask them if they would be willing to write a review. If they are willing, send them an email with the direct links to each of the sites you accept reviews on. Make it as easy as possible for them to find the right place to write the review or you may lose them. Some people are more than willing to write you a review but, as we all know, life gets in the way, or we get distracted by other things (squirrel!!!) and it gets put off. A gentle reminder sent out a week after your ask could get them back on track.

3. If you have a customer or client who is willing to write a review for you but tells you that they don’t know what to say, supply them with the verbiage. You write the review for them! Ask them if they agree with what you have written and then ask them to just copy and paste it on the desired site. Once again, making it as easy as possible for the person.

Having reviews written by your customers is a great way to validate your business. Reviews also help with your Google search ranking! Get in the habit of asking for reviews. It will set you apart from your competitors.


Patricia Singer is the owner of Follow Me Social Media Consulting. She works with individuals, small and mid-sized businesses, helping them navigate and market using the numerous social media platforms. For all the latest regarding social media be sure to connect with Patti on all the social media platforms and visit her website at